Sedona Arizona Elopement Guide: How to elope in Sedona

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Ok, so maybe you know that you want to elope but you don’t know WHERE you want to elope..I get it! There are so many beyond beautiful places in this world and that can make choosing your elopement location such a hard decision. Well, I’m here to tell you..put Sedona, Arizona on your top contender list because this place is magical! Sedona is well known for its famous red rock formations, stunning natural landscapes, and breathtaking views! There are so many different areas to explore, tons of adventure options, and endless beautiful backdrops for your photos. Use this blog post as your Sedona Elopement guide! Keep reading to figure out how to elope in Sedona and for some insight into some really beautiful elopement spots around this beautiful town!

Landscape image of the red rocks of Sedona. Taken from Cathedral Rock

Table of contents:

Marriage requirements


Weather in Sedona

How to get to Sedona + Where to stay

Elopement locations in Sedona

Hire your vendors

Marriage requirements for your Sedona Elopement

Before we dive into the more exciting info about a Sedona elopement, let’s talk the legal stuff, first! To elope in Sedona, you will need to obtain an Arizona marriage license. The filing fee for an Arizona marriage license is currently $83. This can be obtained at any county clerks office in the state. The Coconino county office is the closest office to Sedona. Be sure to call the county clerks office where you plan to get your license and ask them about their process and exactly what you will need to have with you to get it.

For an Arizona elopement, you will need:

*An officiant

*Two witnesses (18 years or older)

*Your marriage license

Permits for a Sedona Elopement

For most elopement locations in Sedona, you will NOT need a permit, however, this is location dependent. Most trails in Sedona do not require any special use permit but State Parks may require a permit and have an additional fee. It is also important to note that elopements cannot take place on any Wilderness Land (this includes a popular hiking destination called “Devil’s Bridge”) and setups of any kind are not allowed on National Forest Land. (ex: ceremony arches, tables, chairs, etc)

Weather in Sedona

The best time of year to elope in Sedona really depends on your preference and the type of atmosphere you desire for your big day! Sedona usually has mild winters and hot summers, which means the spring and fall tend to be a popular time for elopements when the weather is pleasant.

  • Spring (March to May): Temperatures usually range from the 60’s to 80’s Fahrenheit. The landscape now has beautiful wildflowers and blooming cacti. Keep in mind that spring time can also bring some occasional showers. Spring time is a very popular time for tourists.
  • Summer (June to August): A Sedona summer is hot! Temps often exceed 90+ degrees Fahrenheit. Summer has longer daylight hours and fewer crowds than its peak tourist season. If you plan to elope in Sedona in the summer, I definitely suggest a sunrise or sunset elopement, for as cool of temps as possible.
  • Fall (September to November): Temps range from the 60’s to the 80’s Fahrenheit and the foliage begins to display autumn colors. This is a very popular season for tourists, so be sure to plan your accommodations in advance.
  • Winter (December to February): Sedona winters are generally mild but can still get pretty chilly. Snowfall is rare but possible. Temps range from 40’s-60’s Fahrenheit. There are less tourists during the winter months, which is a bonus for some people planning their elopement.

How to get to Sedona + Where to stay

Nearby airports:

*Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)-119 miles, 2 hour drive

*Flagstaff Pulliam (FLG)-26 miles, 45 minute drive

*Las Vegas International Airport (LAS)-292 miles, 5.5 hour drive

*Don’t forget about a rental car!*

Where to stay in Sedona:

*Sedona has loads of beautiful Airbnb‘s for all budget types!

*There are a lot of great hotels and resorts in the Sedona area, as well.

Bonus: Where to eat!:

*Breakfast: Coffee Pot Restaurant

*Lunch/Dinner: The Hudson-beautiful view!

Sedona Arizona elopement locations

There are really so many beautiful locations in Sedona that would make the most stunning backdrop for your elopement. I’m only listing a few here but if they don’t fit your vibe, as your elopement photographer, I’ll be assisting with the research to find a spot that fits you two the best!

  • Cathedral Rock Trail: This iconic red rock formation is a very popular choice for elopements..and for good reason! It provides a breathtaking backdrop, especially during sunrise and sunset. It also offers various viewpoints for different perspectives in your photos. The trail is relatively short (about 1.5 miles) but it is all up hill and might even be considered a little strenuous. There is even a small section you will have to climb with your hands and knees but the view at the top is 100% worth it! Because of its popularity, the trail is pretty heavily trafficked year round and more than likely, you will have a good bit of spectators during your elopement. To avoid super large crowds, I recommend eloping on a weekday at sunrise or sunset.
  • Bell Rock: This trail offers sweeping red rock views that are accessible within a 10-15 minute walk! It offers a range of locations for an elopement, including the base of the rock or you can take a short walk up the Bell Rock Trailhead for breathtaking views that will provide a stunning backdrop for your elopement.
  • Airport Mesa: Offers panoramic views of Sedona’s red rock formations. Airport Mesa Trail is a 3 mile loop but there are plenty of viewpoints that are accessible via car or a short walk without hiking the whole trail. It provides a unique and elevated perspective of Sedona’s beautiful landscape.

**Note: You will need a Red Rocks Pass to park at most trail head parking lots in Sedona. You can obtain these passes at a kiosk at most major trailheads once you get there or you can purchase them online here. Daily passes are $5 and weekly passes are $15.

Landscape photo of Sedona taken from Cathedral Rock

Hire your vendors for your Sedona Elopement

Ok, you have your date set and your dream elopement location in Sedona decided. Now, it’s time to secure your dream vendors! Think photographer (hey there!), videographer, florists, hair + make up artist, officiant, maybe a musician for simple ceremony music. You don’t need all of these. This is your day, your way! Bring whoever you need to make this elopement what you’ve dreamed of.

If this is your first time on my page, I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Courtney Webster, an Alabama elopement photographer for adventurous couples who crave raw, real, storytelling images. These are the types of images that set my soul on fire. My mission is to document your dream adventure with images that are filled with emotion and connection. Images that will unfold to tell your beautifully unique love story.

If you’re planning an elopement, I’d love to chat and hear what you’re dreaming up!

Do you know you want to elope but not sure Sedona is the place for you? Check out this blog post for another location idea!

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