How to include your family and friends in your adventure elopement.

So, you’ve decided to elope?! Or maybe you are on the fence between the traditional wedding and an elopement? Maybe you love the idea of eloping but would still love to include your family and friends? While an elopement is often seen as an intimate affair, it’s still possible to include your family and friends in the celebration. Read on for some tips on how to include your loved ones in your elopement.

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Plan an engagement party or announcement.

Before you elope, plan an engagement party or announcement to share the news of your engagement with your family and friends. This is a great opportunity to celebrate your love with those closest to you and to let them know that while you may be eloping, you still value their support and love. You can even use it as an opportunity to announce your elopement in a special way.

Take your loved ones shopping for wedding attire.

Taking your mom, sisters, and/or best friends with you while dress or suit shopping is a great way to include them in your elopement experience even if they won’t be attending your elopement. This is such a special part of the wedding planning process so including your loved ones will make it even more memorable.

Consider a small ceremony for your elopement.

While elopements are often seen as a way to avoid a big ceremony, it’s still possible to have a small ceremony with your closest family and friends. Consider inviting your parents, siblings, or a select group of close friends to witness your vows and celebrate with you. You can even have a friend or family member officiate the ceremony. If you are considering a more adventurous elopement that involves physical activities such as hiking or exploring off the beaten path, it’s important to consider the accessibility of your chosen location. If you want to include your family and friends in the ceremony or photos, make sure the location is easy to get to and doesn’t require a strenuous hike or climb. Just make sure that whatever you do, you’re still getting the experience that YOU want!

Have a send off dinner before your elopement.

A send off dinner is a wonderful option if you’re having a destination elopement. Schedule your send off dinner sometime the week before you leave so that your loved ones can give you all of their love and well wishes before you two tie the knot!

Have your loved ones write you letters to read on your elopement day.

Ask your loved ones to write you letters to read on your elopement day and then you can set aside a special time to read them either before or after your ceremony. This is such a special touch! These letters can include anything that your loved ones want to share with you on your wedding day, whether it’s a simple note of congratulations, something sentimental, or even advice for a successful marriage. These letters will be so special and make such sweet keepsakes that you can look back on for years to come.

Plan a reception or post elopement celebration.

After your elopement, plan a reception or dinner party to celebrate with your family and friends. This can be a small gathering at a local restaurant, a backyard BBQ, a picnic in the park, or a full blown reception where you get to celebrate with everyone that you love the most! It’s a great way to include your loved ones in the celebration and thank them for their support.

Include your loved ones in the planning process of your elopement.

Even if your family and friends won’t be present at your elopement ceremony, you can still include them in the planning process. Consider asking for their input on the location (two great locations ideas here and here), the photographer, or even your wedding attire. This is a great way to involve them in the planning process and show them that their opinions and support matter to you.

Have a video call with your loved ones.

A super simple way to include your family in your elopement is to have a video call with them either before or after you say “I do”. You could even live stream your ceremony for your family members if you want them to be able to watch and feel even more like they’re actually there. This option also works if you’re having a few guests but some couldn’t attend because the location you chose required traveling or isn’t very accessible. 

Hire a photographer and videographer.

Documenting your day should be a priority no matter what kind of wedding you have, but even more so when there are loved ones who weren’t able to attend your elopement. Sharing your photos and videos with your family is a great way to include them in your special day and let them experience the love and joy from your day through your photos and videos. Documenting love is my absolute favorite. Contact me here and we can chat about all you are dreaming up for your elopement day!

There are so many benefits to eloping and eloping doesn’t have to mean excluding your family and friends from your special day. With some planning and creativity, you can still include your loved ones in the celebration and share your joy with them. I hope these tips helped if you are on the fence about eloping! It’s your day, it should be however you envision it to be and make you nothing but happy!

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